An omnibus survey is a shared-cost survey that can be a good way for you to save money on surveys. It works by combining survey questions from multiple clients and then collecting responses to all questions from the same group of respondents. After that, each client is given the data (the survey responses) to their specific questions. Omnibus surveys are usually fun and engaging for respondents because instead of a 15-minute survey about just one topic, the survey will cover four or five different topics, which adds interest and variety.

The biggest cost in conducting a survey is getting it set up and then finding a statistically representative sample of respondents to answer the questions. Once you’ve got them on the phone or online answering survey questions, it is costs little to ask them “just one more question.”

As a premier marketing research firm, we know you have questions the require a fast responses and in-depth analysis. Leveraging our technology cohort, We help you converting that data in to actionable end product is always the biggest challenge.

The Omnibus Panel is a new and innovative company offering a end-to-end solution supporting efforts B2B as well as agencies.

What do we have?

Our panel consists of a US, nationwide network of users that, as a requirement of their engagement, are computer desktop users with personal smart phones running either iOS or Android.

Our user cohort is available in whole or segmented to support a demographic cross-section you define and we qualify. We will work with you to find the best fit within our population to derive the highest quality data product at a reasonable cost.

Save Money and Save Time

Omnibus Survey diagram showing process