What does it mean to be an Omnibus Panel memberN > 1
Members of the panel are organized by their specific strengths into cohort groups that support the consumer technology and consumer and business software industry. This includes mobile and desktop from games to business applications and beyond to enterprise level large scale applications. As a member, it’s important to understand that your input, as a vetted member, may shape future of both consumer tech devices or software products. You opinion counts here and is taken seriously. Membership in the panel is a responsibility, not a job.

How Members are Compensated
The Omnibus Panel is not an employer. It is a unique market research firm responsible for assembling and organizing a technology centric cohort for the purpose of inquiry and opinion survey. Omnibus Panel members are independent, ungoverned, unguided and never directed by The Omnibus Panel. To add a US tax code level distance and to further support the relationship, all members must receive 1099 compensation for their participation. Compensation in the form of product, should this occur, is delivered from the supplier to Omnibus Panel for distribution.

Before members may be paid in US dollars, tax information is required. Earned funds are withheld on account until all tax forms are complete. You may begin your participation immediately but will ultimately have to complete these forms to receive compensation in US dollars.

Because it’s important to understand the administration role and its cost, we will maintain a level of transparency with members with regards to both transactions and panel engagement that is as open as is possible and appropriate to insure member opinions are not swayed or biased in any way based on compensation.

Is this for you?
If you have any reservations regarding this engagement, it may not be right for you. If you are ready to get started, please fill out the form.